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The™ resource helps high school and middle school teachers reinforce the vocabulary students naturally learn while reading.

This resource is free and ad-free with no need to sign in.'s quick assignments simply enhance your other lessons surrounding literature.

Suggested use:
  1. Before reading a book: have students preview targeted vocabulary with a quick exercise.
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    to increase word consciousness and aid comprehension during reading
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    • targeted words most relevant to book & SAT-type tests
    • instructive sentences with exemplary use of word
    • multiple choice but must type the word
    • instant feedback correct word needed to advance
    • open book easy to lookup unknown words
    • accountability printout or screenshot to teacher demonstrates completion

  3. Read the book: use the same lesson plans or assignments normally associated with the reading.

  4. After reading a book: have students review targeted vocabulary with a quick quiz.
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    to reinforce the natural vocabulary acquisition that comes from reading
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    same words and format as the preview exercise except:
    • book excerpts question sentences are selected from the book
    • test mode option completion exercise or graded test
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