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Dahl, Roald:
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Daly, Maureen:
Seventeenth Summer

Dante (Dante Alighieri):
Dante's Inferno (translanted by H.F. Cary)
Dante's Inferno (translanted by: H.W. Longfellow)
Dante's Inferno (translated by: C.E. Norton)
The Divine Comedy - Volume 2 (Purgatory) (translated by: C.E. Norton)
The Divine Comedy - Volume 3 (Paradise) (translated by: C.E. Norton)
The Divine Comedy (translated by H.F. Cary)
The Divine Comedy (translated by: H.W. Longfellow)

Dashner, James:
The Maze Runner - Book 1
The Maze Runner - Book 2 (The Scorch Trials)
The Maze Runner - Book 3 (The Death Cure)
The Maze Runner - Book 4 - Prequel (The Kill Order)

Davidson, Adam:
Making It in America (The Atlantic 2012-1)

Davis, Joshua:
Spare Parts

Davis, Sampon, et. al.:
We Beat the Street

Defoe, Daniel:
Moll Flanders
Robinson Crusoe

Dekker, Ted:
BoneMan's Daughters
The Circle Trilogy - Book 1 (Black: The Birth of Evil)
The Circle Trilogy - Book 2 (Red: The Heroic Rescue)
The Circle Trilogy - Book 3 (White: The Great Pursuit)

DeLillo, Don:
White Noise

Dessen, Sarah:
Along for the Ride
Just Listen
Lock and Key
Someone Like You
That Summer
This Lullaby
The Truth About Forever

Deuker, Carl:
Gym Candy

Diaz, Junot:

DiCamillo, Kate:
Because of Winn-Dixie
Flora & Ulysses

Dickens, Charles:
Bleak House
A Christmas Carol
David Copperfield
Great Expectations
Hard Times
Little Dorrit
Nicholas Nickleby
Oliver Twist
A Tale of Two Cities

Doerr, Anthony:
All the Light We Cannot See

Donne, John:
Meditation 17 (No Man Is an Island)

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor:
The Brothers Karamazov (translated by: Garnett)
Crime and Punishment (translated by: Garnett)
The Idiot (translated by: Martin)
Notes from the Underground

Douglas, Frederick:
Learning to Read and Write (Chapter 5 of: The Narrative of the Life of F...)

Douglass, Frederick:
The Hypocrisy of American Slavery (1852 Speech)
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Doyle, Arthur Conan:
The Adventure of the Speckled Band
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Red-headed League

Draper, Sharon M.:
Forged by Fire
Out of My Mind
Tears of a Tiger

Dreiser, Theodore:
An American Tragedy
Sister Carrie

Du Bois, W. E. B.:
Of the Meaning of Progress (Chapter 4 of: The Souls of Black Folk)
The Souls of Black Folk

Dubner, Stephen J., Levitt, Steven D.:

Dugard, Jaycee Lee:
A Stolen Life

Dugard, Martin and O'Reilly, Bill:
Killing Lincoln

Dumas, Alexandre:
The Count of Monte Cristo (1846 anonymous translation)
The Three Musketeers

DuPrau, Jeanne:
The City of Ember
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