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Maas, Sarah J.:
Throne of Glass

Machale, D.J.:
The Merchant of Death (The Pendragon Adventure #1)

Machiavelli, Nicolo:
The Prince (translated by: Marriott)

MacNeil, Robert and Crane, William:
Do You Speak American?

Madison (James), Alexander Hamilton, & John Jay:
The Federalist Papers

Madison (James), Alexander Hamilton & John Jay:
The Federalist Papers -- Modern English Edition 2 (Translator/Editor: Mary E. Webster)

Madison, James:
Federalist Paper #10 (Factions)
Federalist Paper #10 -- Modern English Edition 2 (Factions; Translator/Editor: Mary E. Webster)
Federalist Paper #51 (Checks and Balances)
Federalist Paper #51 -- Modern English Edition 2 (Checks and Balances; Translator/Editor: Mary E. Webster)

Mahmoody, Betty:
Not Without My Daughter

Malamud, Bernard:
The First Seven Years

Malory, Thomas:
Le Morte D'Arthur
Le Morte D'Arthur, Volume I
Le Morte D'Arthur, Volume II

Mandela, Nelson:
I Am Prepared to Die (1964 Speech)
Long Walk to Freedom

Mann, Thomas:
The Magic Mountain

Markandaya, Kamala:
Nectar in a Sieve

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia:
Love in the Time of Cholera
One Hundred Years of Solitude

Marshall, George C.:
The Marshall Plan (1947 Speech)

Marshall, James Vance:

Martel, Yann:
Life of Pi

Martin, George R.R.:
A Song of Ice and Fire - Book 1 (A Game of Thrones)
A Song of Ice and Fire - Book 2 (A Clash of Kings)
A Song of Ice and Fire - Book 3 (A Storm of Swords)
A Song of Ice and Fire - Book 4 (A Feast For Crows)
A Song of Ice and Fire - Book 5 (A Dance With Dragons)

Martinez, Victor:
Parrot in the Oven

Marx, Karl and Engels, Friedrich:
The Communist Manifesto

Maugham, W. Somerset:
Of Human Bondage

Maupassant, Guy de:
The Diamond Necklace (translated by: McMaster, Henderson, Quesada, (aka: The Necklace)
A Piece of String (translated by: McMaster, Henderson, Quesada,

Maurier, Daphne du:

McBride, James:
The Color of Water

McCarthy, Cormac:
All the Pretty Horses (Border Trilogy #1)
The Road

McCorkle, Jill:
Ferris Beach

McCourt, Frank:
Angela's Ashes

McCullough, David:
John Adams

McCullough, David G.:

McEwan, Ian:

McMurtry, Larry:
Lonesome Dove

McPherson, James M.:
What They Fought For - 1861-1865

Melville, Herman:
Bartleby, the Scrivener: a Story of Wall Street
Billy Budd
Moby Dick

Mencken, Henry L.:
The American Language

Meyer, Marissa:

Meyer, Stephenie:
The Host
Twilight Saga - Book 1 (Twilight)
Twilight Saga - Book 2 (New Moon)
Twilight Saga - Book 3 (Eclipse)
Twilight Saga - Book 4 (Breaking Dawn)

Mikaeslen, Ben:
Touching Spirit Bear

Millay, Katja:
The Sea of Tranquility

Miller, Arthur:
The Crucible
Death of a Salesman

Milosz, Czeslaw:
Campo dei Fiori (translated by Iribarne & Brooks)

Milton, John:
Paradise Lost

Mitchell, Margaret:
Gone with the Wind

Moliere, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin:
Tartuffe (translated by Hoeper) (The Hypocrite)

Montgomery, Lucy Maud:
Anne Of Green Gables

Moore, Marianne:

Moore, Wes:
The Other Wes Moore

More, Thomas:

Morgan, Kass:
The 100

Morris, William:
News from Nowhere

Morrison, Toni:
The Bluest Eye
Song of Solomon

Mortenson, Greg & David Oliver Relin:
Three Cups of Tea

Mowat, Farley:
Never Cry Wolf

Moyes, Jojo:
Me Before You

Murakami, Haruki:
After Dark translated by Jay Rubin

Murphy, Jim:
The Great Fire

Myers, Walter Dean:
Fallen Angels
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