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Local Data Web Storage
This website saves some of your selections as local data on your computer. For example:

  1. If you select a special group of words from a book on one page, and then you move to another page, the information saved on your computer tells the new page which words you previously selected.

  2. If you mark words to review at a later time, your computer remembers them when you return to the site a week later.

Normally, web browsers permit use of local data web storage. It is the default setting for all major browsers as of this writing (12/1/13). But lately, we've noticed that more users are using the "Private Browsing" option to keep advertisers from tracking where they go on the web. Private browsing is intended for non-trusted sites.

We suggest you turn off private browsing while on this site. If you make that change, you can use the button below to update the bold print toward the top of this page that tells if local data web storage is currently permitted on your computer.
Note that browsers handle private browsing differently. For example, As of this writing (12/1/13) Internet Explorer's inPrivate, Chrome's Incognito and Foxfire's Private Window permit local data web storage during the current session. Our website will report that it works and it will remember selections from page to page, but will not remember selections between visits to the site. Safari will report that local data web storage does not work; though if cookies from this website are enabled, we will use them to track some information.

If you have concerns about your privacy, you might like to read: Your Privacy
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