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This site shines brightest among its peers, giving teachers exactly what works best for their students. The feature to allow alpha order or order of appearance is great. Placing words in sentences is also a good supplement.
Andrew Barash, Freeport High School, Freeport, New York, 1/7/13

I use the Pre-reading quizzes to let students know what they are getting into and to see if they are familiar with any of the words. Usually they already know a few and that gives them quick positive feedback and gets them ready to learn/practice the rest of the words. I love the printable study sheets and hand them out to my class after the pre-reading quiz so they have the words and definitions to study. We have COWS (computers on wheels) in my school and the section quizzes are great to check student learning and get a grade in the grade book. You could even have them partner up and make it a challenge against other teams.
Natalie Carlisle, Reid Ross Classical High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 1/8/13

All the teachers I’ve told about the site have been impressed. I print word lists by chapter so that we can preview them before we begin reading each time. The pre-reading quiz is "friendly" to my students (struggling), allowing them to look up the words as they take it. This makes them much less discouraged and allows them to feel more successful as they take the quiz and as they read the book.

The homework quizzes are also a great way to assign independent vocabulary development for my few avid readers. They can read to their heart’s content, do the vocabulary quiz homework, and print the results for me. This year, I will use as a new tool in the school-based SAT class that I’ve been teaching for years.
Barbara Cunningham, Newfound Regional High School, Bristol, New Hampshire, 1/9/13

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