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She was an elegant bride.
She is an abstract painter.
a subtle, but unmistakable warning
She received the bronze medal at the Olympics.
It’s easier to find outstanding books when selecting from those that have been in print for a long time, but were it not for that I would prefer modern literature with its contemporary language, issues, and ideas.
The recession in Asia was contemporaneous with that in the United States.
Children acquire language at an amazing rate.
We’re visiting the museum to see the exhibit of Renaissance art.
The story takes place during medieval times.
It was displayed at the famous exposition in Paris in 1900.
China recently emerged as a world power.
It was not aesthetically pleasing.
Some people think she’s pretentious, but I admire her ambition.
It was once conventional wisdom that the earth was flat.
The audience loved the performance and called for one encore after another.
The transparent shower door shows water spots.
They are engineering a window that can convert from transparent to opaque with the push of a button.
We saw the film’s world premiere in Hollywood.
To make things better, to enjoy each other’s company, and to empathize are essence of humanity.
The pianist rendered the Beethoven sonata beautifully.
The children’s well-being is paramount.
The museum preserved a beautiful mosaic floor.
Jazz is his favorite musical genre.
She gave us explicit instructions.
The computer has a filter that blocks explicit photos and pornography.
She is a popular opera singer.
She is well known as a patron of the arts in our city.
She is a prominent member of our community.
The children are flourishing.
She entered with a great flourish.
The architect used long vertical lines to pull the eye upward.
Paintings in which horizontal lines dominate, tend to be relaxing.
She is more coherent now than she was just after the accident an hour ago.
The college wants a diverse student body.
She was his muse. He hasn’t written anything of quality since she left.
He was President Lincoln’s successor.
The second picture has more pixels, but the human eye can’t discern the difference.
The nurse accompanied the old woman everywhere.
She won an award for best animated cartoon.
She uses words as a prominent part of her paintings as is sometimes done in postmodern art.
Her music does not respect boundaries between sonorities as is sometimes done in postmodern music.
The changes created a more harmonious melody.
The tapestry depicts the building of the Notre Dame Cathedral.
We heard the Vienna Symphony.
She loves the 21st piano concerto by Mozart.
a highly derivative prose style
Cupid is the Roman counterpart to the Greek Eros.
In Roman mythology, Venus is the counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite.
Dionysus is the Greek counterpart to the better known Roman Bacchus.
Jupiter is the Roman counterpart to the Greek Zeus.
Heracles is the Greek mythological equivalent of the Roman Hercules.
the forte passages in the composition
Wagner built his own opera house to better stage works as he imagined them.
with Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos playing in the background
The fashion company, Versace, uses the image of Medusa as a trademark.
Pandora’s box is frequently referenced in Western culture.
Pegasus is the mascot of TriStar Pictures.
It’s a recording of a polyphonic song written during the late Middle Ages.
I love the music’s staccato notes.
Campaigning reached a crescendo the day before the election.
The most common rondo forms are ABACA and ABACABA.
She made a perceptive observation.
Thalia is often shown holding a comic mask.
The Labyrinth was built to hold the Minotaur.
Florence attracts millions of tourists each year.
The party had a 1950’s theme.
the book was released to great acclaim
She is opposed, but will ultimately acquiesce to the will of the majority.
She is an exceptionally adroit pianist.
He is an aficionado of fine cigars.
In Plato’s allegory, the prisoners in the cave represent people living in ignorance.
She doesn’t think of him in an amorous way.
An anarchist group claimed responsibility for the explosion.
Her autobiography is sprinkled with amusing anecdotes.
Everyone wonders who has been sending her anonymous love letters.
appreciateto increase in value

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more common meaning(s)
  — as in:  We hope our home will appreciate
The home appreciated in value.
apprehendto understand

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other common meaning(s)
  — as in:  apprehend the situation
She doesn’t yet apprehend the seriousness of the charge against her.
When I first started reading Shakespeare, it seemed archaic.
She identifies six boyfriend archetypes.
He is thoughtful and articulate.
With good weather and no traffic, we had an auspicious start on our journey.
He took a vow of silence and leads an austere life at the monastery.
her latest album is a collection of love ballads.
The movie was banal, but it led to a fascinating conversation.
He calls himself a bard from Brooklyn.
She was obviously bemused by his questions.
It is our duty to bequeath a better world to our grandchildren.
The total bequest was over a million dollars.
She was betrothed on the day of her birth.
We see each other at biennial conventions.
Our lifestyle upsets their bourgeois sensibilities.
burnished bronze
A cadaver is assigned to each medical student.
She described him as shallow and callow.
The troops camouflaged themselves before they went into enemy territory.
They were out carousing last night.
When the Apostles Creed uses the word "catholic", it does not reference the church headed by the Pope, but rather a universal church.
The puppies cavorted in the basket.
The country entered a period of civil war and chaos.
She’s a charlatan and a cheat.
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