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Human Behavior
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It was once conventional wisdom that the earth was flat.
She suffers from more than the usual pre-test anxiety.
They assessed the property’s value at $500,000.
I asked for a therapeutic massage, but it really hurt.
These maps are drawn with north to the top unless otherwise indicated.
They do not like America to intervene in the Middle East.
She has a cheerful disposition.
The lab can accommodate up to 30 students at one time.
The book is full of insight on human nature.
We have a mean annual rainfall of 23 inches.
We do not discriminate based on race, nationality, social status, age, gender, religion, or sexual preference.
These clothes aren’t appropriate for work.
She has a bias against young people.
You must confront your problems.
After the accident, she had to reconcile herself to life without loving parents.
She suffers from Asperger syndrome.
She is mildly neurotic, but is working at developing greater emotional stability.
The computers are vulnerable to cyberattacks.
I’m inclined to believe him.
He obliged her by listening attentively.
Indulgent parents risk spoiling their children.
a quiet sedate nature
By any objective analysis, you would have to agree that...
The were perfect partners—one highly intuitive and the other highly analytical.
Familiarity breeds contempt.
The judge held her in contempt.
She disputes his claim.
After I regained my composure, I thanked her for telling me about the problem.
The group works to eliminate racial prejudice.
The college wants a diverse student body.
Don’t despair—help is on the way!
Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.
Joseph Heller  --  Catch-22
She was diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder.
to my gratification she arrived on time
She is a sincere but deluded idealist.
The ego tries to satisfy the unconscious desires of the id.
contendto struggle

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  — as in:  She contended with it
She contends with headaches.
I avoid elevators because of claustrophobia.
"Xenophobia," as The Economist put it, "seems to be creeping into American politics."
James K. Glassman  --  Threats to Security, Threats to Economy  --  http://www.aei.org/publications/filter.all,pubID.23969/pub_detail.asp(retrieved 06/29/06)
About a third are in favor of the change, a third are opposed, and a third are indifferent.
She thinks low levels of oxytocin may contribute to autism.
The baby wasn’t getting enough nutrients and oxygen, so we induced labor.
The regime oppresses its people.
The heat is oppressive.
I felt unbearable anguish when my 4-year-old child died from brain cancer.
compensatemake up for; or adjust for

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  — as in:  he compensates with extra effort
She uses several techniques to help compensate for her dyslexia.
While I lie awake worrying, she sleeps serenely.
Since her dog died she’s been in a melancholy mood.
She was indignant, but agreed to be searched when they accused her of shoplifting.
She should not be left alone in case the fever returns and makes her delirious.
The basketball fans were delirious.
The Internet is a hypochondriac’s best friend.
another example of hubris preceding a fall
The narcissistic teenage girl spent hours checking her makeup in a mirror everyday.
She drank alone in the corner, looking morose.
Prisoners who show repentance are more likely to be released on parole.
He does an excellent job in the back office despite suffering from Asperger’s syndrome.
She finally perceived the futility of her protest.
She made a perceptive observation.
The monk practices self-abnegation.
It’s a difficult situation, but she accentuates the positive and does not get overwhelmed.
Don’t grow dependent upon popular adulation. It comes and goes and reverses unexpectedly.
She advocates stricter gun control.
They made up the story to aggrandize the threat.
She died of a heart ailment.
People who don’t know her, think she is aloof from the rest of the team, but she is just focused on the game.
The physical altercation between opposing players led to suspensions on both sides.
She is known for her kindness, compassion, and altruism.
Her answer was ambiguous.
Polling indicates the public is ambivalent on the subject. Their opinions change depending upon the latest headlines.
the patient is ambulatory.
The drug ameliorates the toxic effects of chemotherapy.
She doesn’t think of him in an amorous way.
Seeing too much senior apathy, the high school began having juniors declare a major for their senior year.
Hyde’s study indicates that girls and boys have the same aptitude for math.
She identifies six boyfriend archetypes.
He is thoughtful and articulate.
This country assimilates immigrants very quickly.
The panel will have an equal number of Democrats and Republicans to help assuage concern that it could be used for political ends.
Muscles that are not used will quickly atrophy.
She attributed this quotation to Shakespeare.
The gradualness of the change does not belittle its importance.
She was obviously bemused by his questions.
She predicts benign economic conditions through next year.
Nobody likes to work with her. She is always berating her colleagues.
She spoke with blithe ignorance of the true situation.
It is a boisterous crowd, but there is more than enough security.
tough soldiers with plenty of bravado
There was a cacophony of discord as everyone spoke at once.
She displays a callous indifference to others’ suffering.
The priests are celibate.
Moderate exercise increases cerebral blood volume which improves thinking.
An unusual pattern of sudden, effortless smoking cessation in long-term smokers may indicate the onset of lung cancer.
I bragged about how good our team was and then, much to my chagrin, we lost.
The country entered a period of civil war and chaos.
A choleric cop blew his top.
chronic back pain
I’m tired of hearing her "pearls of wisdom" and other tired clichés.
It is better to convince than to coerce.
It is difficult to decide because both sides offer cogent arguments.
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