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She worked hard to raise capital to start their new company.
Her parents were migrant farm workers.
Children acquire language at an amazing rate.
the records of military personnel
These maps are drawn with north to the top unless otherwise indicated.
They assessed the property’s value at $500,000.
The amount of property tax assessed depends upon the value of the property.
The project foundered
She scrutinized her reflection in the mirror.
He initiated a new program
She signed the contract.
A diverse committee will provide a better solution than a committee that is uniform.
You must confront your problems.
philosophers have speculated on the question of God for thousands of years
I’m too old to invest in speculative business enterprises.
Capitalism has helped to move millions of people out of poverty.
I don’t do this job for monetary reward.
We have a mean annual rainfall of 23 inches.
The University is one of the city’s greatest assets.
Her temper is her main liability. She hasn’t learned to control angry attacks at anyone who disagrees with her.
The state has approximately as many Republicans as Democrats.
She deducts points if the paper is not concise enough.
If I don’t sell my home, I’ll have to default on my loan.
appreciateto increase in value

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more common meaning(s)
  — as in:  We hope our home will appreciate
The home appreciated in value.
The defending World Champions dominated their unranked opponent.
She bought Google stock before it doubled in value.
US Bonds are considered vary safe, but they will go down in value when interest rates rise.
We need to aggregate the data from all sources.
Determine the coefficient of friction between the two objects.
It has only three major components.
We have incompatible paradigms.
The ratio of the 2nd to 4th finger length predicts spatial ability in men.
She reconciled her checking account statement.
The job has flexible working hours.
The essential feature of the pen is that it writes so consistently.
It is easier to learn things that seem relevant to your life.
Apple is considered one of the most innovative companies.
Both sides have demonstrated a lack of constraint in the discussions.
We’re considering five primary criteria as we compare job applicants.
She saved for years and then purchased a franchise that sells sandwiches.
The book is full of insight on human nature.
The children are flourishing.
The evidence is compelling.
They worked hard to diversify the student body.
If we don’t control spending, we’ll go bankrupt.
It is a bankrupt approach to solving the problem.
She was drunk and liable for the death of the other driver.
The university is comprised of six colleges.
It was inadequate remuneration to make up for his expenses.
The weather forced us to defer our departure another day.
The changes created a more harmonious melody.
Based upon its demographics and the traffic patterns, the neighborhood should support another fast-food restaurant.
She said the Air Force lacks the funds to procure maintenance equipment it needs.
Students should contact our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities.
She likes to win, but she doesn’t derive pleasure from watching others lose.
a highly derivative prose style
His death made me aware of my own mortality.
Notwithstanding my fear, I want to try parachuting from an airplane.
The company has offered to compensate everyone impacted by the defective cars.
She suffers from more than the usual pre-test anxiety.
There was a 10 point deduction because the paper was late.
If a straight line crosses through 2, 4, and 8, we can interpolate that it passes through 6.
The bracketed line on that page of the Odyssey is thought by some to be an interpolation added long ago.
She is exaggerating her point by using nominal dollars in the graph.
The contingent liability is not on the balance sheet, but it is mentioned in the footnotes.
The contract specifies that the oil is fungible and any sweet crude can be substituted.
They were ordered to pay compensatory damages of $10,000.
The legislation is intended to reduce the principal-agent problem in our industry.
She wouldn’t make a direct statement, but she implied that she supported our position.
It’s a difficult situation, but she accentuates the positive and does not get overwhelmed.
The Heisman Trophy is the highest accolade in college football.
I appreciate her fine mind, but find her humor a bit acerbic.
Remember the old adage: "It’s not how much you earn; it’s how much you save."
affectto influence  — verb as in:  the rule affects you
The new rule will affect you.
Aggregate expenses include expenses of all the divisions of our company for the entire year.
She completed each assignment with alacrity.
Regular massage will help to alleviate the pain.
She is known for her kindness, compassion, and altruism.
Her answer was ambiguous.
The elderly couple likes to amble along the beach at sunset.
The loan is amortized over 10 years.
The interest rate is higher if we borrow over 80% of the home’s appraised value.
These clothes aren’t appropriate for work.
Hyde’s study indicates that girls and boys have the same aptitude for math.
The government nationalized all arable land.
He is thoughtful and articulate.
Our school district hired a new counselor to augment our college counseling service.
Our older staff tend to have an aversion to change.
She demonstrated a steady hand while negotiating with a typically bellicose North Korea.
He was sued for breach of contract.
She thinks a greedy banking cabal is plotting to introduce legislation that will enrich them.
There was a cacophony of discord as everyone spoke at once.
She is working to convince, cajole, and pressure other Representatives to vote for the bill.
The country entered a period of civil war and chaos.
marvelous choreography and amazing dancers
The antitrust department tries to prevent supermarket collusion to raise grocery prices.
She has a long commute to work.
compliantconforming to rules

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other common meaning(s)
  — as in:  compliant with the law
The company was fined for not being regulation 4.3 compliant.
most teenagers are surprisingly conformist within a subgroup
consolidatemake stronger

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other common meaning(s)
  — as in:  consolidated its hold on power
We want to consolidate our gains.
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