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It is an elegant solution that will reduce complexity and save material.
A computer model is used to simulate the effects of wind.
The ratio of the 2nd to 4th finger length predicts spatial ability in men.
They assessed the property’s value at $500,000.
The national power grid is under almost continuous attack.
Ionizing radiation has enough energy to ionize atoms or molecules.
I was grouped with students who scored 53% to 64% inclusive.
When it is cold, the bridge contracts and the joints are further apart.
At $50 a share, it is equivalent to about a billion dollars.
These maps are drawn with north to the top unless otherwise indicated.
I’m excited to attend the symposium on robotics.
We’re considering five primary criteria as we compare job applicants.
She has a gift for breaking a complex task into a simple series of sequential steps.
It is a growing social phenomenon on high school campuses.
We have a mean annual rainfall of 23 inches.
The state has approximately as many Republicans as Democrats.
a linear measurement
It is published in simultaneous print and electronic editions.
When the United States focused on terrorism, the movement went further underground and became more diffuse.
staticnot moving or not changing  — as in:  in a static state
He was raised in a static village community where most people farmed in the same manner as their grandparents.
Divide by 2 to eliminate the leading coefficient.
Determine the coefficient of friction between the two objects.
correspondingconsistent, similar, or accompanying  — as in:  corresponding time period
Eskimos have many words that correspond to the English word snow. For example, there are different words for "snow on the ground", "fresh snow on the ground", "soft snow on the ground", "a crust of snow on the ground" and so forth.
The transparent shower door shows water spots.
They are engineering a window that can convert from transparent to opaque with the push of a button.
I could see a vague form through the translucent glass.
propagateto spread

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other common meaning(s)
  — as in:  propagate the idea
The spread of the Roman Empire helped to propagate the idea throughout Europe.
Her guess was proven right by subsequent developments.
The train uses hydraulic brakes.
The job has flexible working hours.
The essential feature of the pen is that it writes so consistently.
Apple is considered one of the most innovative companies.
It is easier to learn things that seem relevant to your life.
It has only three major components.
We spend more on software than hardware.
Both sides have demonstrated a lack of constraint in the discussions.
She wants to extend the frontiers of voice-controlled computer applications.
The university is comprised of six colleges.
The architect used long vertical lines to pull the eye upward.
Paintings in which horizontal lines dominate, tend to be relaxing.
The couch is covered with synthetic leather.
The company is no longer solvent.
She plans to devise something to launch water balloons.
She placed out of calculus in college.
We’re in agreement on the main issues. We just have some trivial details to work out.
the reciprocal ratio of a:b is b:a
In a plasma, electrons and positive ions are attracted to each other, but are too energetic to stay together.
She likes to win, but she doesn’t derive pleasure from watching others lose.
a highly derivative prose style
abradewear away by rubbing

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other common meaning(s)
  — as in:  abrasion of the rubber
We’re convinced the skid marks are from her car because the rubber abraded from her tires is consistent with the length of the skid marks that lead to the crash.
She attributed this quotation to Shakespeare.
As in math, the commutative property works for this recipe. The order in which you add the ingredients doesn’t matter.
Roofs at acute angles are common in snow country.
She suggests placing mirrors in geostationary orbit to harness solar energy.
He cleaned it with an abrasive.
We stayed in adjacent hotel rooms.
affectto influence  — verb as in:  the rule affects you
The new rule will affect you.
Although in the middle of Dallas, the restaurant has a Maui Beach ambiance.
Her art is as amorphous as the culture it reflects.
She was the final arbiter on all matters of fashion.
It was an arbitrary decision.
At last, they won their long and arduous fight for independence.
My skin dries in the arid desert climate.
She has a bias against young people.
I’m not sure they appreciated her speech, but I know they liked its brevity.
He uses Jonathan in his byline, but everyone calls him Jon.
She calibrated the oscilloscope for better measurement.
centripetal force
She describes his dream as a political chimera.
My ideas are beginning to coalesce into a plan.
Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
Edgar Allan Poe
RegretTheError.com publishes a regularly updated compendium of mistakes reported in the news media.
After I regained my composure, I thanked her for telling me about the problem.
Her insurance includes comprehensive coverage.
She signed the contract.
She is at the convention in Las Vegas.
The lines converge at this point
Titanium is resistant to the corrosive effect.
a cumbersome piece of machinery
I did a cursory search on Google and found several articles.
It is a challenge that would daunt a lesser diplomat.
She trusts only what she can measure or can deduce from measurement.
degradereducing human dignity

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other common meaning(s)
  — as in:  her comments were degrading
She felt degraded by the way he delivered the criticism.
Inspect the label for deleterious chemical additives.
The purpose of a deposition is to discover facts and obtain evidence.
deviatediffer or change  — as in:  deviate from the course
She never deviated from her goal of getting a good education and becoming a teacher.
The study found that video games improve hand dexterity and mental spatial ability.
Airborne radiation dissipates over time and distance.
He dissociated himself from the organization.
The defending World Champions dominated their unranked opponent.
She’s a little eccentric, but we don’t mind because she’s the best player on the team.
Is her theory supported by empirical data?
It wasn’t just that she copied her older sister’s hairstyle. She tried to emulate her in every way.
We booked excursions at every port where our cruise ship stopped.
Is there a way to expedite the paperwork, so we don’t miss our deadline?
She has a tendency to get distracted by extraneous details.
A full machine shop allows them to quickly fabricate parts and create test fixtures.
The project foundered
The event is intended to galvanize support for the fight against man-made global warming and climate change.
He was hampered in his efforts by the bad weather
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