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Classic Literature
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We share the domestic chores.
She suffers from more than the usual pre-test anxiety.
She was an elegant bride.
The story takes place during medieval times.
Don’t waste my time with trifling matters.
The party had a 1950’s theme.
She was being ironic when she said she couldn’t wait to see you again.
Children acquire language at an amazing rate.
I think Game of Thrones is the most epic fantasy written since The Rings Trilogy.
She has a cheerful disposition.
In Plato’s allegory, the prisoners in the cave represent people living in ignorance.
Monsieur and Madame Curie studied radium.
He took a solemn oath.
She has a pleasant countenance.
We will not countenance torture.
I endeavored to get both sides to agree to a compromise.
After the accident, she had to reconcile herself to life without loving parents.
The essential feature of the pen is that it writes so consistently.
Her verbal attack rendered me speechless.
The lobbyist prevailed upon the president to sign the legislation.
Both sides were deeply in earnest, even passionate.
sultryhot and humid

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  — as in:  a sultry afternoon
It was a sultry afternoon. I could barely breath.
Students should contact our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities.
Don’t despair—help is on the way!
Don’t dwell on the past.
The creature dwells in the forest.
...government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.
Abraham Lincoln  --  Gettysburg Address
They signed a cease-fire agreement.
Pity the poor wretch.
The nurse accompanied the old woman everywhere.
I’m inclined to believe him.
Indian soldiers and technicians assisted in staffing some of the checkposts on the frontier with Tibet.
I had planned to ask her, but she made a precipitate departure.
He obliged her by listening attentively.
Indulgent parents risk spoiling their children.
We will not allow members to act contrary to our code of ethics.
a ribbon of sand between the angry sea and the placid bay
As Shakespeare said, "The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."
a quiet sedate nature
After I regained my composure, I thanked her for telling me about the problem.
I endured insult and injury without complaint.
Prisoners who show repentance are more likely to be released on parole.
Familiarity breeds contempt.
The judge held her in contempt.
About a third are in favor of the change, a third are opposed, and a third are indifferent.
Her pies are divine.
Her apology was heartfelt—expressing profound sorrow and regret.
She was indignant, but agreed to be searched when they accused her of shoplifting.
I don’t think she comprehends how dangerous this has become.
Does our DNA compel us to act as we do?
I was summoned to the principal’s office.
I will not permit the defendant to make a mockery of this trial.
The group works to eliminate racial prejudice.
It’s a sad song about the heartbreak of unrequited love.
Don’t expect perfection of a mere mortal.
We thought we could create a utopia, but we failed because we overestimated human nature.
He was speaking metaphorically when he referred to being mugged by reality.
When she said he was "as subtle as a sledgehammer," she was using ironic simile.
In Paradise Lost, Milton condemns reverence for physical objects—however well intentioned.
Cupid is the Roman counterpart to the Greek Eros.
Heracles is the Greek mythological equivalent of the Roman Hercules.
She is a research scientist who earned her Ph.D in physics.
The movie is another remake of Romeo and Juliet.
In Roman mythology, Venus is the counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite.
Exeunt all except Hamlet.
Jupiter is the Roman counterpart to the Greek Zeus.
The fashion company, Versace, uses the image of Medusa as a trademark.
Some describe Robinson Crusoe as the first novel of realistic fiction written in English.
The 2004 film, Troy, depicted Agamemnon in an especially unsympathetic manner.
It was a moment of existential angst when nothing made sense any more.
Pegasus is the mascot of TriStar Pictures.
The Labyrinth was built to hold the Minotaur.
Pandora’s box is frequently referenced in Western culture.
I am humbled to be chosen as a steward of this august institution.
It is another story about the boy who would become King Arthur.
Helen of Troy is famously described as having "the face that launched a thousand ships."
Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote under the pen name, Dr. Seuss.
She abhors violence.
I can’t abide her continual complaints.
She grew up in abject poverty; though she didn’t know it.
the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe
The committee absolved her of any wrong doing.
I appreciate her fine mind, but find her humor a bit acerbic.
We were chased from the room by the acrid smoke.
She built a very successful company with uncommon business acumen.
She felt an acute pain in her neck.
I adjure you.
He admonished the child for his bad behavior
She is an exceptionally adroit pianist.
Don’t grow dependent upon popular adulation. It comes and goes and reverses unexpectedly.
She’s an affable, never-met-someone-she-didn’t-like kind of woman.
affrontan intentional insult; or to intentionally insult  — as in:  an affront to society
She considered anything but the very best manners to be an affront to her dignity.
He fears a lawsuit from one of the aggrieved parties.
She stepped back aghast at the behavior.
She is amazingly agile for someone so tall.
She completed each assignment with alacrity.
He alluded to Susan without mentioning her name.
People who don’t know her, think she is aloof from the rest of the team, but she is just focused on the game.
The physical altercation between opposing players led to suspensions on both sides.
The elderly couple likes to amble along the beach at sunset.
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