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She diagnosed the disease as...
He was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.
Insulin injections are used to treat some forms of diabetes.
Antibiotic resistant TB is a growing problem.
The doctor implanted multiple embryos to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.
Ionizing radiation has enough energy to ionize atoms or molecules.
She contracted an STD (sexually transmitted disease).
The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator has degrees in biology and pathology.
She suffers paralysis of her legs.
These maps are drawn with north to the top unless otherwise indicated.
Morbid obesity is sometimes defined as being more than 100 pounds above average weight for the same height.
Researchers are looking for an HIV vaccine.
It is an endangered species.
She picked up a parasitic infection while in Africa.
The essential feature of the pen is that it writes so consistently.
The common cold is caused by a virus.
The infection is caused by a bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.
The anatomy of the frog is similar to that of a person.
Typhoid fever infects millions of people annually.
Malaria is one of the areas of focus for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
She is immune to chickenpox because she has been vaccinated.
I asked for a therapeutic massage, but it really hurt.
She suffers from Asperger syndrome.
We use a local anesthetic so you won’t feel pain, but will remain conscious.
They have the nucleus of a good team.
The doctor prescribed Adrenalin.
A mild case of pneumonia is sometimes referred to as "walking pneumonia."
The company has been managing anemic growth.
I’m excited to attend the symposium on robotics.
At $50 a share, it is equivalent to about a billion dollars.
Asthma is the leading cause of hospitalization in children.
plasmathe liquid portion of blood

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  — as in:  The Red Cross delivered plasma
Most people have about 5 liters of blood, 3 liters of which is plasma.
He majored in geology and went on to become expert at finding oil.
DNA evidence led to her arrest and conviction
A sedentary life has lead to excessive visceral fat.
She sprained her ankle.
She was suffering from alcohol-induced stupidity.
His death made me aware of my own mortality.
Many people who spread AIDS are unaware that they have HIV.
Doctors are concerned about an epidemic outbreak of influenza this year.
The gene determines hair color.
the eastern deciduous forests
She felt an acute pain in her neck.
Nature helps to remove carbon from the atmosphere via photosynthesis.
The storm abated.
The abstract is free, but there is a fee to see the entire article.
Overnight accommodations are available.
We were chased from the room by the acrid smoke.
the worms help to aerate the soil
She’s an affable, never-met-someone-she-didn’t-like kind of woman.
She thinks deeply and has an affinity for others with the same kind of mind.
She is the most aggravating person I know.
She died of a heart ailment.
She completed each assignment with alacrity.
He alluded to Susan without mentioning her name.
the patient is ambulatory.
The drug ameliorates the toxic effects of chemotherapy.
Her art is as amorphous as the culture it reflects.
Her autobiography is sprinkled with amusing anecdotes.
the anodyne properties of certain drugs
the inherent antagonism of capitalism and socialism
I washed the wound and then used alcohol as an antiseptic.
She often quotes St. Augustine’s aphorism, "Love the sinner and hate the sin."
She is not motivated by popular approbation.
She came out of the water with her glasses askew but still on her head.
She is an assiduous student who expects to earn A’s.
I use an astringent where my skin is oily.
She sought political asylum in the US due to persecution at home.
Muscles that are not used will quickly atrophy.
She attributed this quotation to Shakespeare.
audiblecapable of being heard  — as in:  barely audible
She spoke in a barely audible whisper.
Our school district hired a new counselor to augment our college counseling service.
She predicts benign economic conditions through next year.
a bland diet
She showed a bovine apathy.
The problem with the Fannie Mae and its GSE brethren is...
The reporters were briefed about the President’s plan to invade.
She is known for her brusque manner and brief meetings.
A cadaver is assigned to each medical student.
She carries a capacious bag.
Carnivorous plants are capable of trapping and digesting insects.
Don’t get it on your skin. It’s caustic.
centripetal force
Moderate exercise increases cerebral blood volume which improves thinking.
An unusual pattern of sudden, effortless smoking cessation in long-term smokers may indicate the onset of lung cancer.
She’s a charlatan and a cheat.
A choleric cop blew his top.
chronic back pain
I will not let their expectations circumscribe how I live my life.
The blood began to coagulate.
RegretTheError.com publishes a regularly updated compendium of mistakes reported in the news media.
She deducts points if the paper is not concise enough.
They considered consanguineous marriages up to the third cousin as incest.
Following the French Revolution, a contagion of upheaval spread across Europe.
It’s hard to follow her convoluted reasoning.
She took copious notes.
cordialshowing warm and heartfelt friendliness  — as in:  a cordial reception
The countries share a long border and have cordial relations.
The headline read:  Appeals Court Says Corpulent Cop Can Keep His Job
The detectives looked for evidence to corroborate her story.
Titanium is resistant to the corrosive effect.
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