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Nature & Ecology
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Scientist believe Europe will continue to face greater glacier retreat due to global warming.
Ionizing radiation has enough energy to ionize atoms or molecules.
It is an endangered species.
disposeto throw away

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  — as in:  dispose of the waste
How will they dispose of the waste?
These maps are drawn with north to the top unless otherwise indicated.
China recently emerged as a world power.
My skin dries in the arid desert climate.
These clothes aren’t appropriate for work.
The poorer a country’s people are, the greater the temptation to deplete the country’s forests and fisheries.
She picked up a parasitic infection while in Africa.
The essential feature of the pen is that it writes so consistently.
The entomologist is an expert on termites.
Our policy is in compliance with the law.
...government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.
Abraham Lincoln  --  Gettysburg Address
The computers are vulnerable to cyberattacks.
the Ainu are indigenous to the northernmost islands of Japan
The children are flourishing.
You must confront your problems.
Nature helps to remove carbon from the atmosphere via photosynthesis.
The college wants a diverse student body.
Carnivorous plants are capable of trapping and digesting insects.
It is a peaceful herbivore.
the worms help to aerate the soil
We didn’t extend our trip to visit India because it was the start of the monsoon system.
The government nationalized all arable land.
The medication assists where surgery cannot completely extirpate a tumor.
the eastern deciduous forests
She majored in anthropology and just finished a report for the State Department that describes tribal customs in eastern Africa.
She worked hard to raise capital to start their new company.
We work to reduce abuse of domestic animals.
Dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago.
Don’t judge her so harshly until you consider the mitigating circumstances.
She thinks deeply and has an affinity for others with the same kind of mind.
Everyone received a copy of the agenda the day before the meeting.
She is amazingly agile for someone so tall.
The elderly couple likes to amble along the beach at sunset.
Her autobiography is sprinkled with amusing anecdotes.
She read an anthology of classic American literature.
I washed the wound and then used alcohol as an antiseptic.
They assessed the property’s value at $500,000.
This country assimilates immigrants very quickly.
The word badger is thought to have come from a French word for "digger".
She predicts benign economic conditions through next year.
We see each other at biennial conventions.
The once thriving downtown has become an example of urban blight with abandoned buildings and too much crime.
She showed a bovine apathy.
We found a cache of weapons buried in the woods.
She calibrated the oscilloscope for better measurement.
The troops camouflaged themselves before they went into enemy territory.
The puppies cavorted in the basket.
The blood began to coagulate.
My ideas are beginning to coalesce into a plan.
RegretTheError.com publishes a regularly updated compendium of mistakes reported in the news media.
After I regained my composure, I thanked her for telling me about the problem.
The university is comprised of six colleges.
People congregated outside of City Hall to protest.
She tried not to look conspicuous as she slipped into class after the tardy bell.
Both sides have demonstrated a lack of constraint in the discussions.
Her face contorted in fury and frustration.
The lines converge at this point
I didn’t understand her cryptic reply.
degradereducing human dignity

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  — as in:  her comments were degrading
She felt degraded by the way he delivered the criticism.
The cake is delicious, scrumptious and delectable.
Inspect the label for deleterious chemical additives.
Based upon its demographics and the traffic patterns, the neighborhood should support another fast-food restaurant.
The purpose of a deposition is to discover facts and obtain evidence.
We want to put those derelict buildings to better use.
Their desiccated remains were found in the old lake bed.
Airborne radiation dissipates over time and distance.
The attack on the capital was actually a diversion to draw troops away from the port city.
I tried to divert her attention.
We hiked on a dormant volcano.
The patient’s strength ebbed away.
She was emaciated, but the doctor said the chemotherapy cured her cancer.
Her fame was ephemeral.
Poor policy exacerbated the country’s problems.
While excavating to lay the foundation, we encountered an ancient burial mound.
We booked excursions at every port where our cruise ship stopped.
Investigators want to exhume the body for analysis, but the family is objecting.
She exudes confidence and charm.
She was attacked by a pack of feral dogs.
a fetid stench coming from the garbage pile
His flaccid handshake, didn’t fill me with confidence.
The recovery teams retrieve bodies along with each piece of flotsam that might provide a clue.
In the Iran-Iraq war, the ayatollahs sent children and civilians to the front-line as cannon fodder.
forage for firewood
The project foundered
She watched me in a furtive manner—trying to hide her interest.
a fairy with gossamer wings
She’s gregarious by nature and loves parties.
In two years, she hopes to have her bosses spot in the corporate hierarchy.
They are a close-knit homogeneous group.
She drives a hybrid that can use electricity or gasoline.
She was found after three days and was suffering from dehydration and hypothermia.
She has made up her mind and is impervious to criticism.
Bad economic policy has impoverished the country.
Despite the difficulties, the inclement weather did not end our journey.
The drug inhibits the spread of cancer.
We were inundated with requests.
She walks with a jaunty step.
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