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She studied theology at Yale Divinity School.
We all agree that we want what’s "best for the country", but that is an abstract concept and we cannot agree on which specific laws should be passed.
She challenges accepted doctrine.
She believes that more socialism would be more fair.
It is a growing social phenomenon on high school campuses.
Is her theory supported by empirical data?
It was not aesthetically pleasing.
She focuses more on the spiritual while his main concern is with temporal existence.
Her play is inconsistent. Sometimes she’s unbeatable and other times she beats herself.
To make things better, to enjoy each other’s company, and to empathize are essence of humanity.
It was once conventional wisdom that the earth was flat.
The study will test the hypothesis that a good marriage is more important than a higher income when measuring happiness.
For the purpose of discussion, let’s accept that the hypothesis that she is guilty is true. What would we have expected her to do after the incident?
She likes plain utilitarian kitchenware.
By any objective analysis, you would have to agree that...
The book is full of insight on human nature.
Her apology was heartfelt—expressing profound sorrow and regret.
Which of the following facts can you infer from the first paragraph?
She uses convincing rhetoric, but makes bad decisions.
Nietzsche famously said, "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger."
Some call Warren Buffett the "Sage of Omaha".
My grandmother complains that the postmodern worldview too often leaves us without a shared sense of what is right and wrong.
Where facts failed her, she used sophistry.
Her logic is fine except that it assumes a false premise.
It is an ethical dilemma.
As a child, he adopted a Castro-inspired Marxism.
We thought we could create a utopia, but we failed because we overestimated human nature.
It is an intentional tautology as when Gertrude Stein said "A rose is a rose is a rose."
It was a moment of existential angst when nothing made sense any more.
She trusts only what she can measure or can deduce from measurement.
She is a research scientist who earned her Ph.D in physics.
The monk practices self-abnegation.
The abstract is free, but there is a fee to see the entire article.
The professor’s lectures were so abstruse that students tended to avoid them.
She will get a fair trial in accordance with the law.
Maria affirmed that she has complete faith in the other members of the team.
He’s agnostic — about the existence of God and the proof of any non-physical belief.
She is known for her kindness, compassion, and altruism.
Polling indicates the public is ambivalent on the subject. Their opinions change depending upon the latest headlines.
The printed version is an expensive anachronism from an earlier time.
It’s not the government I want, but it’s better than anarchy.
She won an award for best animated cartoon.
The terrorist wants to annihilate a major American city.
the inherent antagonism of capitalism and socialism
She read an anthology of classic American literature.
Cooperation is fueled by a shared antipathy toward Iran.
Her theory is the antithesis of mine.
She often quotes St. Augustine’s aphorism, "Love the sinner and hate the sin."
apprehendto understand

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other common meaning(s)
  — as in:  apprehend the situation
She doesn’t yet apprehend the seriousness of the charge against her.
She is not motivated by popular approbation.
She is rude and arrogant.
The defense also asserts that the defendant has no previous record.
I am humbled to be chosen as a steward of this august institution.
We can try both to minimize greed and avarice and to channel them into directions beneficial to society.
The movie was banal, but it led to a fascinating conversation.
They called themselves The Benevolent Association because their mission was to help others.
The media relishes her bombastic style.
I’m not sure they appreciated her speech, but I know they liked its brevity.
The sound of the waves crashing on the shore had a comforting cadence.
The Chinese devote enormous resources to censoring the Internet.
They censured him for bringing dishonor upon the Senate.
Her certitude has given way to doubt.
She isn’t known for circumlocution or subtlety.
I will not let their expectations circumscribe how I live my life.
She’s too circumspect to make that kind of mistake.
Sources are cited in the endnotes.
It is better to convince than to coerce.
It is difficult to decide because both sides offer cogent arguments.
Many suspect the complicity of top officials.
She confounded her critics.
She has a congenial relationship with her colleagues.
She dismissed it as mere conjecture.
Juries can construe evidence to mean something it does not.
Her time of corporeal suffering will soon pass.
Prosecutors said fighters raped village elders to publicly debase them.
She is a sincere but deluded idealist.
The trick is to offer constructive criticism without denigrating their efforts.
Everyone was astonished by the denouement of the case.
It is a terrible story of an innocent who trusted a man who treated her with ruthless depravity.
He was elected as a constitutional president, but quickly became a despot.
Though John loved her lessons, George hated her didactic tone.
She always digresses when telling a story.
She is a diminutive fighter pilot.
She disavowed her assistant’s comments.
They hired her for her experience, wisdom and discernment.
The event has elevated the level of public discourse on this issue.
She spoke only of her strengths, but others on her campaign staff worked to discredit her opponent.
It is a rambling discursive book.
She has a reputation for disparaging the efforts of her co-workers.
A journalist should be a dispassionate reporter of fact.
The news is bad, but the company spokesperson is doing what she can to change the subject and dissemble.
The dogmatic coach is fond of saying, "My way’s the right way. Your way’s the wrong way!"
She was dubious, but agreed to come with us anyway.
She always effaces herself when she is with him.
She is too egocentric to be a good leader.
Her eloquence is unquestioned even amongst those who disagree with her.
He received the Nobel Prize in medicine for elucidating electrical events in the nervous system.
She was an emancipated 20th century woman pursuing her career.
She is an eminent scholar.
She lacks empathy and is very selfish.
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