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They were out carousing last night.
  having fun with others in a noisy manner while drinking alcohol
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carouse carousing caroused
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  • They were out carousing last night.
  • night, as he was carousing among drunken companions, a letter was put into his hand.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe  --  Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Faith, sir, we were carousing till the second cock;
    Shakespeare  --  Macbeth
  • As the night went on, there was drinking and carousing.
    Mitch Albom  --  The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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  • Let them play poker and carouse all they wanted, all Jean Louise wanted was for the old house to be taken care of.
    Harper Lee  --  Go Set a Watchman
  • I guessed he was feeling the aftereffects of our night’s carousing too.
    Patrick Rothfuss  --  The Name of the Wind
  • She was a tiny, dim person buried in the back of his mind alongside that other person, his past self—that completely unrelated self who went out carousing every weekend and spent his money on cigarettes and fast girls and bootleg whiskey.
    Anne Tayler  --  A Spool of Blue Thread
  • And again the battle was on, between the responsible self he knew this morning, who would engage a driver at great cost to take him to his duties at the city-to-be in the desert by the sea, and the self who would carouse around the hotel room, stabbing phantom tumors, kicking doors and writing unsendable letters.
    Dave Eggers  --  A Hologram for the King
  • She’d thrown her husband out three years after they married, for carousing.
    Sue Monk Kidd  --  The Secret Life of Bees
  • One was the great fire on shore, by which the defeated pirates lay carousing in the swamp.
    Robert Louis Stevenson  --  Treasure Island

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  • When they had brought her to the Hall the maiden was placed in an upper chamber, while Hugo and his friends sat down to a long carouse, as was their nightly custom.
    Arthur Conan Doyle  --  The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • The next Legree heard of his mother was, when, one night, as he was carousing among drunken companions, a letter was put into his hand.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe  --  Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • And then at night, when this throng poured out into the streets to play—fighting, gambling, drinking and carousing, cursing and screaming, laughing and singing, playing banjoes and dancing!
    Upton Sinclair  --  The Jungle
  • Legal and semilegit’ gaming, sports betting, light night carousing.
    Ellen Hopkins  --  Crank
  • Descending from the tree, Eragon wandered the shadows of Ellesmera and observed the elves carousing in the fever of the night.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eldest
  • My friends, in bygone days, in those amiable days of yore, people married wisely; they had a good contract, and then they had a good carouse.
    Victor Hugo  --  Les Miserables
  • Nobody carousing or carrying on.
    David Guterson  --  Snow Falling on Cedars
  • No; these men spend their days around our house killing our beeves and sheep and fatted goats, carousing, soaking up our good dark wine, not caring what they do.
    Homer  --  The Odyssey
  • The more business he got, the greater his power seemed to grow of getting at its pith and marrow; and however late at night he sat carousing with Sydney Carton, he always had his points at his fingers’ ends in the morning.
    Charles Dickens  --  A Tale of Two Cities
  • For a bribe the jailer had furnished liquor to some of the prisoners; singing of ribald songs, fighting, shouting, and carousing was the natural consequence.
    Mark Twain  --  The Prince and The Pauper
  • It was fight or look on, all day and every day; and sing, gamble, dance, carouse half the night every night.
    Mark Twain  --  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
  • A wise man would ignore the future and drink and carouse while he still has an opportunity to enjoy this world.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Brisingr
  • The week-end was his chief carouse.
    D.H. Lawrence  --  Sons and Lovers
  • Archer turned from the fascinated contemplation of a small painting representing two Cardinals carousing, in an octagonal ebony frame set with medallions of onyx.
    Edith Wharton  --  The Age of Innocence
  • Then we cockbirds will have a jolly carouse to ourselves!
    Thomas Hardy  --  Far from the Madding Crowd
  • In Shakespeare, Prince Hal must put his hard-partying ways behind him, stop his carousing withFalstaff, and become Henry, the king who in Henry V is capable of leading an army and inspiring the kind of passion that will allow the English to be victorious at Agincourt.
    Thomas C. Foster  --  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
  • It might have been supposed from his Herculean strength that one night of carousing, even accompanied by the most violent emotions, could have had little effect on him.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  The Brothers Karamazov
  • The poverty-stricken prostitutes from nearby villages followed in the path of the expeditions, improvised tents in the gullies along the shore, brought music and liquor with them, and caroused across the river from the stranded vessel.
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez  --  Love in the Time of Cholera
  • He thought it hardly worth while to call at the shop for his provisions at that hour, Donn and his daughter being probably not up, if they caroused late the night before.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Jude the Obscure
  • He let them go carouse, keeping just the boys, to help him hold the herd.
    Larry McMurtry  --  Lonesome Dove
  • After work Papi and Chuito caroused in the bars on Smith and Elm Streets and every few nights Papi stayed over in Perth Amboy.
    Junot Diaz  --  Drown
  • She was an active church woman, did not drink, smoke, or carouse, defended herself mightily against Cholly, rose above him in every way, and felt she was fulfilling a mother’s role conscientiously when she pointed out their father’s faults to keep them from having them, or punished them when they showed any slovenliness, no matter how slight, when she worked twelve to sixteen hours a day to support them.
    Toni Morrison  --  The Bluest Eye
  • Another dawn flung itself across the river, a belated taxi hurried along the street, its lamps still shining like burning eyes in a face white from a night’s carouse.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald  --  This Side of Paradise
  • All is lost; This foul Egyptian hath betrayed me: My fleet hath yielded to the foe; and yonder They cast their caps up, and carouse together Like friends long lost.
    William Shakespeare  --  Antony and Cleopatra
  • And so the German spirit, carousing in music, in wonderful creations of sound, and wonderful beauties of feeling and mood that were never pressed home to reality, has left the greater part of its practical gifts to decay.
    Hermann Hesse  --  Steppenwolf
  • Rawdon came in from the dining-parlour where all those people were carousing, into his back room; a flare of coarse light following him into the apartment where the lady stood, still very nervous.
    William Makepeace Thackeray  --  Vanity Fair
  • There were servitors carousing outside wine shops, and old ladies haggling over eggs, and itinerant cads carrying cadges of hawks for sale, and portly aldermen with gold chains, and brown ploughmen with hardly any clothes on except a few bits of leather, and leashes of greyhounds, and strange Eastern men selling parrots, and pretty ladies mincing along in high dunces’ caps with veils floating from the top of them, and perhaps a page in front of the lady, carrying a prayer book, if she…
    T. H. White  --  The Once and Future King
  • …lest lightning might strike him, he had sat, as Tiberius, in a garden at Capri, reading the shameful books of Elephantis, while dwarfs and peacocks strutted round him, and the flute-player mocked the swinger of the censer; and, as Caligula, had caroused with the green-shirted jockeys in their stables and supped in an ivory manger with a jewel-frontleted horse; and, as Domitian, had wandered through a corridor lined with marble mirrors, looking round with haggard eyes for the reflection…
    Oscar Wilde  --  The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • I expect a salary of at least one large iron man at the end of the week-to carouse on!
    Eugene O’Neill  --  Long Day’s Journey into Night
  • Respectable citizens of the town were awakened in the early dawn by rowdies carousing in the streets.
    Zane Grey  --  The Lone Star Ranger
  • I’m sure he had quite a nice cultured mind, when he wasn’t carousing around.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Arrowsmith
  • As the chief of police [in Emporia] said, they go home at night and go to bed rather than carouse around town.
    Eric Schlosser  --  Fast Food Nation
  • And they carouse a lot.
    Zane Grey  --  The Light of Western Stars
  • The carousing stops.
    Allan Stratton  --  Chandra’s Wars
  • See, here, a rope of pearl; and each, more orient Than that the brave Egyptian queen caroused: Dissolve and drink them.
    Ben Jonson  --  Volpone
  • The drunken carousing to be seen, the foul language to be heard were appalling to many, even among the soldiers themselves.
    David G. McCullough  --  1776
  • When he had ascertained I was not by any means of a Puritan bent, he shared with me some tales of the bawdiness and carousing he had witnessed in the city after the king sailed home from exile.
    Geraldine Brooks  --  Year of Wonders
  • Rounding a corner, Max stopped as he saw a half-dozen Trench Rats carousing with a group that had broken into the Pot and Kettle and were rolling its wine barrels up the cellar ramp to break them open in the street.
    Henry H. Neff  --  The Maelstrom
  • There were, for example, the two skinny dandies, "Max and Moritz," the one seventeen, the other eighteen years old, who offered the ladies much stuff for conversation by slipping out each evening to play poker and carouse.
    Thomas Mann  --  The Magic Mountain
  • In the past all the townspeople, rich and poor alike, indulged in seasonable festivity; now only a privileged few, those with money to burn, could do so, and they caroused in shamefaced solitude in a dingy back shop or a private room.
    Albert Camus  --  The Plague
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