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Most Common Troubleshooting Solutions at

  1. Slow Connection or Server — A slow Internet or server can result in needed data not loading for a page. Or a new page may not be compatible with an old page that is being held in cache. If you suspect one of these problems, try reloading the page. To bypass the cache and reload directly from the server, click the curved arrow near the top-left of the browser window.

  2. Temporary Internet Files Need to be Deleted — Sometimes temporary internet files get out-of-date or corrupted. Problems on any website are often cured by exiting the webiste and then deleting temporary internet files.

  3. Cookies and Local Data May Need to Be Deleted — If you are using the old pages for this website, (pages with a yellow background), they use cookies or local data. Cookies or local data may be corrupted and in need of deletion. However, if you delete them, any review lists and logins for this website made on the computer you are using will be erased. Logins and local data are not used on the new pages because they were used so seldom, they weren't deemed worth the trouble.

  4. You Found a Bug on Our Site — Please accept our apology if you've been inconvenienced by a bug on our site. We are eager to fix it! Few people report bugs, so it will be a great help if you tell us about it. Just click on the Give us feedback link at the bottom of most pages. Please tell us what doesn't work and what browser you are using. If you don't mind, we would also appreciate your including your email address, so we can respond in person and perhaps ask follow-up questions.

    If you don't hear from us, it means that even that link probably isn't working, so please write us directly at: Thank you in advance!